Our beers have superpowers!

Craft, unique and rich in flavours, Blue Coast beers will seduce everyone. Like superheroes, they meet all challenges successfully.

The IPA, the eldest of the Blue Coast superheroes:

With its beautiful bitterness characteristic of classic IPAs and its aftertaste of citrus and exotic fruits, it is ranked among the best IPAs in France.

Its special trait? Its intense and thirst-quenching bitterness that will refresh you in summer !

This superhero who won a gold medal at the General Agricultural Contest 2022 is one of the first Blue Coast beers to be brewed!

Awards: Concours General Agricole, World Beer Awards, Guide Hachette

Lager n°3, the cool superhero:

Our Daniel Ricciardo Lager is one of our best-sellers and a must for every Formula 1 fan. Creamy with refreshing citrus notes on the finish, it doesn’t need a cape to impress you.

Awards: Concours General Agricole, World Beer Awards, Guide Hachette

The Blonde Sans Alcool, the caring superhero:

Alcohol-free but with an authentic taste of beer, similar to our classic Blonde. She has as many powers as any other superhero and will constantly look after you. To be consumed without moderation!

Awards: Concours International de Lyon

La Blonde Azur, the fancy superhero:

Our Blonde Azur is matured in a fermenter for a long time in order to give it the best possible finesse. A high-quality Pale Ale.

Her golden cape worthy of an exceptional superhero leaves no one indifferent.

Awards: Concours international de Lyon, World Beer Awards, Guide Hachette

Kawa Stout, the superheroine of Nice:

Born from a local partnership between Blue Coast and Malongo, our Kawa Stout is an intense dark beer which, in addition to its roasted malts, contains Malongo coffee.

A superheroine from Nice who brings together beer-geeks and coffeeholics!

Awards: Concours international de Lyon

A special thank you to our brewers!

Because craft beer takes a lot more than just malt and hops, we want to thank our brewers for their constant efforts to give you the flawless beer you deserve! Stay tuned for more exciting news!