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15 Dec - Craft

Beery Christmas! Apricot Blanche

soft and rounded and balanced fruitiness

Berry Christmas! Apricot Blanche; soft and rounded and balanced fruitiness

Beery Christmas!

In Sweden, where I come from, a Christmas beer is almost always dark and a little sweet, often with a higher level of alcohol, to match the Swedish Christmas food, which usually is fat, salty and sweet. But there are exceptions; you want to drink beer not only when you eat, and a thirst-quenching light lager might be perfect to cleanse your palate, but that's something that's available all-year around, and a Christmas beer should be something special, so this Christmas we decide to go tropical, but not fully bananas!

Our Blanche d'Hiver a l'abricot is a soft and rounded wheat beer but with a nice and balanced fruitiness from dried apricot; they were mixed in a blender to such extent that the blender broke! The chopped up apricots were then added to the fermenter and was left to sit in the tank for three weeks, to give a lovely aroma and flavour to the finished beer and to make it even more complex, I added a tiny amount of bitter almond extract!

I hope you will enjoy our Christmas beer; I sure will drink a bottle or two during the holidays!

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

Robert Bush