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30 Nov - Craft

Beer Fruits & Flowers in a can

Beer fruit and flower in a can

I grew up with a liquorice candy, flavoured with violets and this was one of my favourites. Fifteen years ago I brewed a stout at home and had the idea that I wanted to make it even yummier, by adding candy flavour. At Blue Coast, I tried to recreate this brew, and voilá, that's our Purple Haze, one of the four new beers that we decided to put in cans. It's a full bodied stout with a little higher level of alcohol (5,8%) than a traditional Dry Irish Stout, to add some sweetness (without the beer being cloying) and balance the candy aromas/flavours from the violet. I don't think you have ever tried a similar beer before, so please do!

Another new beer that we have put in cans is the Barbe Rouge. It's brewed with lots of hibiscus flowers added to the boil; which I was inspired to use after living in Bangkok, where hibiscus tea is common, and something I drank often. Boiling the hibiscus, like you boil hops, gave the wort a pinkish tint but we wanted a red beer! In the mash I used CaraRed, which is a crystal/caramel malt that also gives a red hue to the final beer, but most of the red colour comes from the addition of 60 kilos of cranberry purée into the fermenter! So, the name then? Well, the hops that we used is a French variety, and it's called Barbe Rouge, so we thought it was a name fit for a red beard, sorry, beer!